Resident Information

We are dedicated to providing you with a professional and timely service.

We want you to enjoy living in your property and feel safe in your local area. We will provide you with information and support on all your tenancy needs.

Home improvement

My own home improvement

If you wish to carry out improvements, alterations or additions to your home we need to be informed to ensure it adheres to your tenancy agreement.

You must obtain our written permission before starting any work.

Please view our page detailing what we need when making a request
Complete an online request form.

Complete an online request form.

The Associations home improvement plan

Ensuring that our properties are in good order is one of our long term objectives and is a key part of the Association’s ongoing 30 year major works improvement plan.

This makes sure all our customers have a home to live in which meets what is known as the Decent Homes Standard.

The improvement plan includes:

We will always let you know in advance if we plan to undertake any major maintenance work to your home and will offer you as much choice as possible.

If you have an enquiry regarding any of the improvement programmes please contact us.

Or you can sign up for a My Place Portal account, which will list any programmes up and coming on your property in the next year, along with showing you your rent details, repair history and allow you to make rent payments.

Rent enquiries

Rent must be paid in advance in accordance with your tenancy agreement or lease.  This means your rent account must not be in arrears between payments regardless of how you pay e.g. weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

This still applies if you are in receipt of housing related benefits such as Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. Please find out more information on Universal Credit and Benefits advice.

It’s important that you keep up-to-date with your payments. If you’re having problems paying your rent please contact us, we are here to help you find a solution.

Most asked rent queries

Tenancy information

Details the different tenancies types plus general information about your rights and responsibilities, along with details about our services

What type of Tenancy do I have

Ending a Tenancy if you are moving out

Ending a Tenancy when someone dies

Tenancy Fraud


Living in a Retirement property

This section will explain the unique services we can offer you and the team who are there to help.

Find out more

Housing Officers

The Housing Officer provides a range of services for tenants, shared owners and leaseholders including:

  • Visiting new tenants at the start and throughout   their tenancy where appropriate.
  • Investigating complaints about anti-social behaviour,  offering guidance, and in some cases taking appropriate action.  Find out more about our approach to tackling anti-social behaviour.
  • Investigating complaints about tenancy fraud. For example, when a tenant moves out of their house and then takes on tenants of their own to live at the property, this is often called sub-letting the whole of the property.
  • Contacting tenants who are behind with their rent and taking appropriate action.  They can offer advice if you are having difficulties paying your rent.  They can make an agreement for you to make regular payments to clear your arrears.  They can also make a referral to our Free Money Advice Service.

Meet the team

Permission to keep pets in your home

We require our tenants to complete a request form to obtain permission to keep a domestic pet.

Please be aware there are some properties/schemes/tenancy types where we can not allow animals.

Permission will not normally be refused for those requiring an assistance dog; further guidance on such requests can be found here.

Pet request form

Buying your rented home

Find out if you are eligible to purchase your home, through either the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire schemes.

Are you eligible to buy

Rubbish bin collection

Aragon Housing Association is not responsible for weekly bin collections. This is the responsibility of your local authority.

Find out who to contact using the postcode search tool.

Home contents Insurance

We strongly advises that you take out home contents insurance cover against damage whether through accident, fire, theft, vandalism, burst pipes or other household risks.

Find out more.

The Rental Exchange

Many social housing tenants find it difficult to access financial services such as affordable loans, open a bank account, get a credit card or apply for  a mortgage.

Often this is because not enough information is held on their credit file. A credit file or score is a personal history of the credit an individual has had. Different organisations use this information to decide whether to give someone access to their services.

Find out more.

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