The news about the dreadful fire at Grenfell Tower in London highlighted the issue of tenancy fraud. Some tenants had been unlawfully subletting their apartments to others, so some of those who perished, sadly, may never be identified.

Unlawful subletting is where a tenant lets out their housing association home without the knowledge or permission of their landlord. They often continue to pay the rent for the property directly to their landlord, but charge the person they are subletting to a much higher rate. It is unlawful and unfair to sublet and to profit from a property which could be given to someone legally entitled to occupy it.

There isn’t enough social housing to meet the needs of those who genuinely need it so we have to make the best use of the housing available and ensure it’s occupied by those legally entitled to do so. If you know someone waiting for social housing, they may have to wait longer if homes are occupied by people who have no right to be there.

We’re committed to tackling tenancy fraud and we will, where necessary, take legal action to recover possession of any illegally occupied property.

If you suspect someone is a tenancy cheat, let us know. Report your concerns to our Customer Services Team (0300 123 5544) or speak to your Housing Officer.

All information received will be taken seriously and treated in the strictest confidence.