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What is Scrutiny?

Resident led self regulation has been devised to help housing providers, residents and the regulator to achieve resident-driven accountability. This is a new method for tenants to look at specific areas of their landlord's organisation and identify areas where they think things might be improved or changed. The plans are for residents and landlords to assess how good things are - this is called ‘co-regulation’. Resident scrutiny reports will be part of the evidence that landlords will provide to show that they are working with residents to make desired improvements.

Resident scrutiny was recommended in Every Tenant Matters, Professor Martin Cave’s review of the Regulation of Social Housing (2007). This report promoted the idea of resident scrutiny through a new system of co-regulation. He suggested this as a central feature in his recommendations for regulatory reforms for social housing.

Their aim was to move to a mature form of co-regulation, where they rely largely on self-regulation by landlords with the support of their tenants through effective resident scrutiny, accountability and external validation, backed up by their own intervention if a landlord is not delivering a good service

Three important areas for Scrutiny:   

  1. Assessing the organisations self assessment.

  2. Monitoring the National Standards.

  3. Monitoring Local Standards.

 SNH Scrutiny

Staff and tenants of SNH are committed to making a success of tenant scrutiny and thereby being able to demonstrate the co-regulation is effective.

  • SNH forums have both a scrutiny role and a consultative role.

  • A scrutiny co-ordinating group, consisting of the Forums' chairs/vice-chairs, meets 1-2 times a year to decide the direction of the forthcoming Scrutiny Review and then ad-hoc if required to carry out a specific scrutiny function.

  • The scrutiny review panel members carry out specific scrutiny examinations. Review subjects can be requested via the Co-ordinating Group by tenants, the board and customer committee

  • To establish a degree of independence from the governance of SNH and to prevent any potential conflict of interest, board members can not sit on the scrutiny forums.

The scrutiny groups:

  • Scrutinise SNH performance through the services self assessments.
  • Scrutinise SNH performance against national and local standards.
  • Carry out scrutiny reviews when requested by the scrutiny co-ordinating group.
  • The scrutiny forums minutes will be circulated to the scrutiny co-ordinating group, customer committee and the board.

Magnifying Glass Man

Previous Scrutiny Reviews

SNH residents completed their first review in 2013. They assessed the Out of Hours Emergency Repairs Service and presented their recommendations to the Board of Management on 7th February 2013.

In May 2014 the Lettable Standards Review went to the Board. The Resident Inspectors shadowed Void Officers and looked at the standard of empty properties in advance of them being re-let.

An update on this review was presented to the Board in November 2014.

The current review is looking at the Grounds Maintenance Team. It is anticipated that this will be presented to the Board in early 2015.

The Service Improvement Forum monitors the progress and hold us to account. Here are the Review Updates:

Out of Hours Emergency Services Review

The Lettable Standards Review 

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